Caitlin Canfield

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, Georgia




School: Georgia Insitute of Technology

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Specialization in Robotics

GPA: 3.7


  • 4 Year National ROTC Scholarship 
  • Zell Scholarship
Favorite Class: Physics II


Military service runs in my family; my great grandfather landed at Normandy on the third day and made it all the way to Paris. One day,  my uncle, who also served, told me to try on his helmet and imagine myself as an officer. At this time, it was not common for a female to think ahead to leadership in the military, but my dream started there.

Today, I am one of the very few women pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech. I work hard and believe my academic aptitudes, discipline, and talents for engineering will help me as I pursue a leadership role in military service.

Campus Involvement 

One of my favorite aspects, of Georgia Tech, is the community. I love being able to challenge myself academically with demanding classes and then challenge my creativity or communication skills while working alongside my friends.

- Frist-Year Servant Leadership Organization (FSLO)

  • Coordinated a charity benefit concert, communicating with various clubs and organization in order to book performers, the venue, and donate the proceeds to the charity 
  • Held successful fundraising campaigns for the Food Bank of Atlanta, interacting with all parts of the student population to gain support
  • Organized small month service projects to help our Georgia Tech Community, by having a "Gobble-Grams" candy and card table for Thanksgiving or selling donuts with a "Buy One, Give One" deal (having proceed support out benefit concert) on Valentines Day

- Women's Recruitment Team (WRT)

  • Talked to various groups of high schoolers and their parents about Tech, discussing all aspects of Tech from the social and extracurricular to the academics and classes
  • Gave special tours around Tech, showing the interesting and little known side of Tech to the prospective students
  • Served as a representative of the Georgia Institute of Technology

- GT Sailing (fun- sail around, spread a love for sailing)

  • Enjoyed relaxing times with friends
  • Learned how to sail a small sailboat

-CCF (Christian Campus Fellowship) 

  • Met amazing, wonderful, and kind people who instantly become friends
  • Served the surround Atlanta community in various ways, from talking and having dinner with the homeless to spreading joy around campus during finals season with free candy

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

Becoming an Officer in the Army is a demanding job. Officers need to be able to "lead others through the most challenging of circumstances." To develop these leaders the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) was created to "provided leadership and military training at schools and universities across the country." Through my experience in ROTC, I have learned so much and broadened my horizons more than I ever thought possible. 

In ROTC, I have:

-- Earned ROTC 4 year scholarship

-- Taken Leadership and Tactical Training Classes as a part of my curriculum

 -- Practice all classroom material in the field through diverse training exercises

-- Participate in early  morning Physical Training (PT)

After ROTC, I hope to:

-- Join the Army Corps of Engineers (and serve in one or more of the following capacities)

  • Sapper — Emplace demolitions, conduct reconnaissance, and support maneuver units with mobility, counter-mobility, and survivability 
  • Bradley — Destroy, neutralize and suppress the enemy using the Bradley Fighting Vehicle 
  •  Rescue — Perform search and rescue operations 
  • Training — Train the force, write new policy and research alternative engineering technology

Naval Academy Summer Seminar 2017

Six day demanding program balancing physical, academic, professional and athletic training simulating life experience as a Naval Academy Midshipman.

 --   Academic courses included Robotics, Computers & Naval Weapons Systems, and Mechanical Engineering

--    Physical training included early morning PEP sessions, sea trials, and intramural sports

 Mission Trips 

CCF and Casa por Cristo (Spring Break 2019) 

 Traveled to Juarez, Mexico and joined forces with Casa por Cristo to: 

 -- Built a house for a family of four 

CARE for AIDS (Spring Break 2017) 

 Traveled to Nairobi, Kenya and worked in conjunction with CARE for AIDS to:

 -- Helped feed over 200 people, conducted 5 Home Visits, and taught Bible school class of 65 kids

Hickory Flat United Methodist Church and Youth Works (Summer 2012 & 2013)

Traveled to Savannah, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee and worked on service projects including:

--   Painting 2 houses, visiting 1:1 with seniors citizens, and teaching Bible school class of 25 kids


Summer Internships

 - Mechanical Engineering Internship at Softrol Systems (MORE!!!!)

Pre-collegiate Jobs

- Volleyball Coach

Cobb Atlanta NEXT League and YMCA 

 -- Dedicated coach for 2+ years 

 -- Ran volleyball practices for weekly games 

 -- Won the End of Season Tournament in my second season 

 -- Currently developing Practice Plans to better sever the players and coaches

- Tutor

Focus: Middle & High School Students

-- 1:1 teaching, review, and study different levels of math and science

 -- Aligned with multiple students' schedules to receive appropriate assistance needed

- Creekview High School Internship

-- Served as Library Clerk, maintained customer service and book organization 

 --Served as an aid in Student Serves, showing new students around school and helping in record keeping

During Engineering Concepts class: 

 -- Final Project in Robotics Module: 

Tasked with programming an EOD robot to safely dispose of a mock bomb by successfully navigated around two 90 degree turns and lift bomb without detonation 


- Led the programming team, reviewed all programs before testing 

 Problem Solving: 

- Led revisions on programming

- Had to adjust for the turning radius and grip strength of the robot 

 Critical Thinking: 

- Working under a time constraint for a final project grade

 Spanish Immersion Program in Peru

 A 3-week Spanish immersion program in Peru, when I was 16, became a key achievement.

--       While in Peru, I was challenged physically, through local community outreach, public speaking in a foreign language, and was named “Leader of the Day” three times.

--       I gained a global perspective, pushed my mental and physical limits, and learned dependability and accountability at every turn.

These traits and my passion to serve this country and lead others are important for a military officer.


Throughout my life, I have always loved learning and trying new things. So here are some of the more adventurous ways in which I have done that!

- Alaska (2019)

    • Learned about First Nations' customs in Vancouver, Canada 
    • Explored new up-close interactions with unique animals, even petting a porcupine, in Haynes, Alaska
    • Envisioned the life of a dog sled racer in Dahnali National Park, Alaska 

- BVIs (2018)

  • Sailed a 42' catamaran (the biggest boat I've sailed, so far)
  • Snorkeled in beautiful Caribean Reefs
  • Enjoyed talking to locals, hit hard by Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma

- Costa Rica (2018)

  • Explored a rainforest with trees over 300 feet tall!
  • Observed the intelligence of monkeys up-close on the beach
  • First time SCUBA Diving! 

- Hawai'i (2017)

  • Snorkeled in the Pacific Ocean (for the first time!)
  • Visited an active volcano (for the first time!)
  • Enjoy Kona Shaved Ice (in Kona!)

-Kenya (2017)

  • Got close enough to touch a wild lion!
  • Enjoyed eating doos prepared family-style with some locals
  • Learned of the vibrant and rich culture found all around Kenya

- Peru (2016)

  • Ate the local delicacy, guinea pig (tasted like really really dark meat chicken)
  • Completed a 5-day trek to visit ruins of an Incan city
  • Slep in a cabin in a part of the Amazon Rainforest

Georgia Insititute of Technology

Fall 2018: GPA - 4.0 

- Leadership & Personal Development 

- Physics I

 - Intro. to Linear Algebra

 - Sci. Foundation of Health 

 - English Comp. II 

Spring 2019: GPA - 3.7 

 - Intro. to Tactical Leadership 

 - Computing for Engineers 

 - Multi-variable Calculus 

 - Physics II

Fall 2019: 

 - Innovative Team Leadership 

 - Differential Equations 

 - Intro. to Engineering Graphics 

 - Intro. to International Security

Spring 2020: 

 - Foundation of Tactical Leadership

 - Computing Techniques

- Engineering  Materials 

 - Statics  

- Dynamics of Rigid Bodies 

Fall 2020: 

 - Adaptive Tactical Leadership 

 - Circuits and Electronics 

- Creative Decisions and Design 

 - Thermodynamics 

Spring 2021: 

 - Leadership in Changing Environments 

 - Fluid Mechanics 

 - Engineering Ethics 

 - Mechanics of Deformable Bodies 

 - Instrumental and Electronics Lab 

Fall 2021: 

 - Developing Adaptive Leadership 

 - System Dynamics

 - Heat Transfer 

 - Logical & Critical Thinking

Spring 2022:

 - Leaders in a Complex World 

 - Machine Design 

 - Statistics and Applications

 - Experimental Methods Lab 

Fall 2022: 

 - Army ROTC Independent Study 

 - Design, Materials, & Manufacturing

 - Mechanical Engineering Systems Lab

 - Control Dynamics Systems 

Spring 2023:

 - Army ROTC Independent Study 

 - Capstone Design 

 - Robotics

 - Engineering Economics 

 - Engineering In History

Volleyball (2011-2018)

Deep Volleyball competition experience including 4 years on Creekview School Volleyball teams and 5 years with Travel Club Teams playing multiple positions, competing at local and state competitions, and receiving 7 awards including MVP Award and Coach's Award two times. 

-Creekview High School: Freshman team (defensive specialist, Earned MVP Award), Junior Varsity (setter), Varsity (setter & defensive specialist)

-Travel Club Teams: Canton Crossfire  12-2s (outside hitter), Cobb Atlanta ATL 13s (defensive specialist, Earned Coach’s Award), Volley One 14-2s (defensive specialist & outside hitter, Earned Coach’s Award), Volley One 15-2s (setter), Volley One 16-2s (setter)

- Coaching Experience: Coached beginner's level volleyball through Cobb Atlanta NEXT Progam and YMCA for 2 years; Coached two separate teams running volleyball practices for weekly games

 Philanthropic Activities (Pre-collegiate)  

 Habitat for Humanity (2015-2018) - President (2017- 2018)

During my involvement, our club facilitated 7 house builds 

 Chosen to be President my senior year by peers and administration

-- Led Creekview in the most successful Letter Writing Campaign, raising over 2,000 dollars for our local chapter

Beta Club (Since the 8th Grade) 

National Beta Club appeals to me and their MISSION STATEMENT sums it up: "To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students." 

 -- Our club prepared approximately 100 bagged lunches for Must Ministries to serve low income families 

 -- Our club raised approximately 2,000 dollars for Pennies for Patients to fund cancer research 

 -- Attended BetaCon in 2015 and represented Creekview in the Mathematics Competition

Pre-collegiate Activities 

Academic Honors

-- AP Scholar with Distinction 

-- State and University of Georgia awarded Georgia Certificate of Merit - 2017

-- Cherokee County Superintendent’s Key Scholar (2016-17)

-- Academic Letter (2016) 

-- National Honors Society - (2016, 2017) 

-- All A Honor Roll (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)


NGA: 101.075 

 Class Rank: 5 out of 460 

 ACT: 33 

 AP Courses: 10 

 Honors Courses: 8 

STEM-Focused Curriculum

Reading Bowl (2014 - 2018)

Spearheaded the creation of the Reading Bowl Team at our school. We unseated the five-year champion team at county in our first year! 

 -- Team placed in State TWICE (2nd, 2016; 1st, 2017) 

 -- Team won county and divisional competitions (2014, 2015, 2016) 

 -- Selected Secretary of Reading Bowl (2016-2017)

North Georgia University Summer Honor’s Program & Scholarship (2018)

 -- Chosen from the state-wide applicant pool for college honors program and honored from county-wide selection process with a scholarship 

 -- Took college honors curriculum administered and evaluated by faculty, including Game Theory and Advanced Mathematics 

 -- Completed Leadership Development Program involving critical thinking and problem-solving exercises 

 -- Led team to a first-place finish in high ropes and low ropes courses

Aeronautics Club (2015-2016)

The Aeronautics Club works on all aspects of engineering flight from design, to build, to launches. Our club won a competition to represent Creekview High School and to compete at the State Competition for TARC (Team American Rocketry Challenge) 

 -- Competition included: 

 Designing a rocket in a CAD system 

 Building the rocket from scratch 

 Launching a successful flight

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