Alex Chudinov

Chief Technical Officer



Alex heads technology with 19 years experience in enterprise architecture design & software delivery. His teams have delivered fleet tracking solutions, business facility monitoring, data center monitoring services, and SaaS solutions. 

About Me

Alex manages a team of developers with deep technology expertise including: 

  • SaaS
  • service oriented architecture
  • Java
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • mobile applications (android & iOS)
  • hardware solutions

Speed Sales Cycles with iFOLIO

Attention Span 

 The average attention span is only 7 seconds

iFOLIO Engagement 

 iFOLIO's average 240+ seconds engagement

Mobile Open Rate 

iFOLIO's average up to 75% open rate with mobile share

iFOLIO Private Website Platform for Sales

Digital Marketing Made Personal.

Personalize Customer Communications 

Buyers have higher expectations today and 79% of Sales reps using digital/online platforms outsell their peers.

 iFOLIO delivers personalized customer experiences through private digital portfolio sites that are easy to personalize, delivered by the sales leader, and compelling to view. 

 Help dealmakers and marketers win deals with iFOLIO┬« 

Measure Response Instantly

The average attention span is 7 seconds... iFOLIOs average 240+ seconds viewing!

 Measure response instantly with iFOLIO Analytics for every iFOLIO link. 

 Open rates average 50-75% with visual share. 

 Number of views, frame by frame content views, individual interests, even sales user metrics! 

 Analytics available instantly with patent pending platform.


Any user can login on their mobile device and personalize their iFOLIO on the fly, load images, change text, and check analytics.

Innovate Introductions & Client Marketing

Share your iFOLIO with a custom message, visual, and all of your contact information with just a few clicks.


We appreciate our license customers and partners:

 iD Tech, Equifax, Southend Productions, Georgia Tech Summer Programs, North Atlanta Volleyball Club, Metro Atlanta Chamber, EJ Sports, The Museum School, Elite Golf Academy, Keller Williams, HLR Law to name a few!

iFOLIO: offered as a SaaS Solution with Three Verticals 


 Private Portfolios and Mobile Share

Patent pending Analytics 

Shared Stats Dashboard

 Reverse CRM - Automated Reporting

Sports Organizations 

Athletics and Academics 

 Viewer Analytics 

Dashboard Collaboration Features 

 Athlete Management Portal


 Digital Portfolio Templates 

 Targets College Admission Criteria 

Viewer Analytics 

 Dashboard Collaboration Features 

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Alex Chudinov

Chief Technical Officer



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