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Get Their Attention 

Did you know that the average attention span is 7 seconds... 

iFOLIO Advantage

Mobile Share

Personalized shares shared 1-to-1 via SMS or email


Heat Maps

Understand who, what, and where the focus is with analytics  

Leader Board

Optimize team performance with share stats & leaderboards  

Seamless Integration 

Connect more, & automate outreach from SMS and email into CRM

A One-to-One Experience on Mobile

98% of text messages are read 

within the first 10 minutes they're received.

Engage Effectively.

Personalized Campaigns

iFOLIO's unique Image + Message + Signature is proven to 

increase engagement for your message. 

Reach Millions with targeted messaging that feels personal.


  • Opens & Engagement 
  • Heat Maps

What We Face Today
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Buyers expectations are higher. Sales reps are exhausted by up to 14 touchpoint to get that first meeting. Time is money. Imagine a better approach.

Buyers have flooded email inboxes and spend over 3 hours a day on their mobile device. It’s critical to have an SMS mobile engagement strategy.

Marketing creates more content than ever, yet sales never feels they have the content they need. The time to prepare a deck takes away time to prepare for the customer. Having effective digital content for sales is imperative.

Understanding where to focus the conversation per individual buyer interest is a real challenge to speeding the sales cycle and closing bigger deals.

Helping a team prioritize prospects and understand where exactly to focus the next conversation is a challenge for all sales organizations.

Imagine a Better Approach.

Did You Know...

95% of Companies are looking for NEW ways to ENGAGE!

Proud To Work with...

5,350 Clients in 58 Countries


 Atlanta is the next technology epicenter and the perfect place to develop and grow our tech firm and world class platform.   

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