Chris Carter

Stanford University

B.S. in Biology

GPA: 3.50

Certifications: Lean Six Sigma

Johns Hopkins University

M.S. in Biotechnology Enterprise

GPA: 3.95

Chris played professional baseball in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Japan, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic

Chris Carter Player Bio

Chris was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks after graduating from Stanford University and had a ten year career in professional baseball.

His experience includes playing for the Boston Red Sox's 2009 playoff team, the Mets, and the Seibu Lions in Japan.  

Selected to be the MLB player representative for the NY Mets; he excelled at the business side of sports including complex agreements and $100M in funds management. 

 Baseball Statistics  

Single A

Batting Average       .340

Homeruns                      55

Ob. Pct.                       .402

Slugging Pct.             .680

OBPs.                        1.012

Double AA

Batting Average    .295

Homeruns           35

Ob. Pct.                .380

Slugging Pct.     .620

OBPs.                    .905

Triple AAA

Batting Average    .303

Homeruns                220

Ob. Pct.                      .401

Slugging Pct.           .680

OBPs.                         .984


Batting Average    .263

Homeruns                 4

Ob. Pct.                      .320

Slugging Pct.           .470

OBPs.                          .790

Chris' Team in Japan- Seibu Lions 

Skills & Scouts Report

"Chris is a well-balanced hitter who can add immediate offense to any major league team. His ability to hit fastballs and off-speed pitches enables him to be a constant force in helping his team score runs." 

- Roger Grant, Head Scout for Washington Nationals

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From Stanford to the New York Mets 

Chris on Mets Weekly

NY Mets

Stanford Bio

Power Hitter

Chris' lifetime batting average in his professional career is over .300


- Selected from entire team to be MLB team representative for the NY Mets. 

- Represented the NY Mets in the 2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement obtaining win-win outcomes for the team and players

- Gives back through community service such as the MLB youth program and the NYM youth program 


Next Steps:

Playing with his next team and winning a championship!

Stanford Baseball Bio


Chris Carter- Director of Sales, iFOLIO

3423 Piedmont Rd NE, Suite 505, Atlanta, GA 30305 

W: 470-223-4818 

M: 925- 351-6161


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