G&S Real Estate

G&S Real Estate LLC

G&S Real Estate LLC invests in small to mid cap, value-add commercial real estate. Our investment thesis centers around properties where we believe we can provide superior risk adjusted returns to our investors, and at the same time improving the surrounding community and tenant experience.

We hold ourselves to a high ethical standard, and strive to carry out our business plans as intended, while providing transparency to our investors.

Property Returns

906 Greenwood - 3 Year hold; 29.3% IRR

925 Greenwood - 4 Year hold; Avg cash yield 12.62%, 45.05% IRR

935 Greenwood - 4 Year hold; Avg cash yield 13.42%, 44.35% IRR

Track Record

1. 906 Greenwood duplex, built another duplex on property and sold as a 4-Plex. 

2. 935 Greenwood 3-Plex

3. 925 Greenwood 4-Plex


The Greenwood Properties

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