Jean Marie Richardson

President and CEO


B.S. in Management, 

Georgia Institute of Technology

highest honors, President's Scholar, and 7 merit scholarships

Creative Innovator & Business Visionary  

Jean Marie Richardson is President and CEO of iFolio, with a background launching software products, managing businesses, and growing revenue at Fortune 500 firms and emerging startups. 

iFolio platform for Enterprises, Sports organizations, and Educators helps professionals, athletes, and students stand out from the crowd with digital portfolio sites that engage customers and stakeholders and patent pending viewer analytics that immediately measure results. 

iFolio has thousands of users in 58 countries and throughout the U.S.     

iFOLIO | Digital Portfolio Platform

iFolio SaaS platform innovates digital engagement, brand marketing, and sales growth with portfolio sites,  view tracking analytics, heat mapping, and reverse CRM integration.

The digital edge for sales and marketing in one. 


Get the digital edge with iFOLIO

The Digital Edge   

Digital Transformation investments will reach $2.2 Trillion by 2019 according to IDC .

Innovate sales and marketing communications, customer engagement, and sales growth with digital portfolio sites, AI, viewer analytics and reverse CRM integration.

Introducing iFOLIO Digital Platform  

iFolio platform | Digital Marketing Made Personal

Differentiate business cards, presentations, emails, value propositions, applications, and RFPs.

Uncover opportunities with viewer analytics.  

Differentiate and Connect.  Get the digital edge.

How iFOLIO Adds Value

Accelerate Time to Deal with Digital Darts

• Words on a document only keep interest for 15 seconds 

• iFOLIOs average 240+ seconds


Integrate Marketing Into Sales Communications | Build  Digital Credibilty

• Build brand awareness while putting a face to the leader representing the brand

• Discover Opportunities with Viewer Analytics

Educator, Enterprise, Sports Organization Solutions

3 iFOLIO Software-as-a Service platform solutions for Organizations

iFOLIO EnterpriseiFOLIO EducatoriFOLIO Sports

User Benefits

  1. Easy-to-Use & Web-based 
  2. Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile
  3. 3 Flexible Templates
  4. 150+ Digital Media  Options
  5. Insights & Examples
  6. Social and web Integration
  7. Security (Encryption and Password Protection)
  8. User & Technical Support
  9. Easy-to-Share Link
  10.  Contact Card Download
  11. Viewer Analytics

Admin Benefits

  1. Software-as-a-Service 
  2. Easy On-boarding
  3. Tutorial Videos for Users
  4. Collaboration Features
  5. Account Media Library for Users
  6. Reports: Access, Sort & Download User Information
  7. User Management 
  8. Marketing Asset Viewer Analytics 
  9. Engagement Analytics Dashboard 

iFOLIO Results

With users in 58 countries, throughout the United States, we are most proud of our user results!


  • New customers won with iFOLIOS
  • 6 figure deals negotiated with iFOLIOS


  • Students admitted to Yale University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory, Virginia Tech, Clemson, UGA, and Top 100 ranked U.S. colleges
  • Scholarship Awards for $100,000 and scholarships to Yale, Emory University, Georgia Tech, and more
  • On-the-spot job offers


  • Athletes drafted to the NFL 


We appreciate our license customers and partners including: 

Equifax, iD Tech, University of Georgia Summer Academy, Georgia Tech Summer Programs, North Atlanta Volleyball Club, The Museum School, EJ Sports, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce,  HLR Law, Elite Academy, Southend Productions, Southport Capital, and more! 

iFOLIO - Atlanta Based Tech Firm 

We believe Atlanta is the next technology epicenter and the perfect place to develop and grow our company.

iFolio is a world class platform with enterprise license customers and thousands of users in 58 countries and throughout the U.S.   

  • We are proud of our growing team including talent from Microsoft, Oracle, MasterCardBridgewater Associates, Wisdom Tree, Stanford, Georgia Institute of Technology, Yale University, University of Texas, Wharton, University of Georgia, Auburn, Savannah College of Art and Design, and Ohio University.  
  • Advisory Board - check out our Advisory Board including CEOs, former CTOs, former COOs, and former professional athletes here!

We are passionate about helping organizations get a Digital Edge! 

Approach to Innovation

Innovation starts with a real world problem.

In Silicon Valley, when tasked with innovating mobile CRM, my first task was to shadow 50 sales reps to observe their day-to-day pain-points.  Understanding the user, helped us design improvements.  

Today iFOLIO helps sales users connect with customers and automates the insights. Solutions to everyday problems are opportunities for innovation!

Background: MasterCard, Microsoft, Oracle Corporation


Speaking Engagements

• Innov8rs - National Conference, Atlanta GA – 2018 

• “Innovation in FinTech” Georgia Tech MBA classes –2018 

• "Innovative Technology" - 2017 China & US Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference

• Tsinghua University & GT Executive Conference 

• Georgia Leadership Conference 2015  on generating results, revenue impact and profitability. 

• Merchant Risk Council - 2015 & 2014 National Conference 

• Merchant Advisory Group – 2014 National Conference 

• "Innovative Technology" - Guest Lecturer for Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, undergrad and graduate classes 2017, 2016 

• Future Business Leaders of America - 2017 National Conference attended by 11,000


• China & US Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award - 2017

Georgia "Woman of Power and Influence Award"  honoring women who excel in their field through generating results, revenue impact, or profitability

Atlanta Female Entrepreneur Feature - 2017

"Young Entrepreneur Award" National Federation of Independent Business

Innovation Journey to iFOLIO

• At MasterCard, managed a business Profit and Loss and grew a B2B commercial program to $1.2 Billion GDV.

• At Oracle, managed an innovation initiative for mobile CRM products, including product design and delivery.  

• Spearheaded an acquisition to build the product and delivered 180 converted customers and $6 Million in new sales.

• Managed the product development and go to market launch of the new mobile CRM product with Citibank and Konica. 

• Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO and Chairman, showcased the product at Oracle Open World conference for 42,000 attendees. 

• Founded iFolio.  Raised capital, secured IP.  Built patent pending  SaaS platform serving customers in 5 countries and the United States.

Get the Digital Edge! 

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