Jean Marie Richardson 

 President and CEO, iFOLIO


Chair, iFOLIO Investor Advisory Board

Technology Innovation Council

Board of Advisors, Metro Atlanta Chamber

Trustee Board, Georgai Tech Alumni Association

Advisory Board, GT Scheller College of Business

Georgia Institute of Technology  

President's Scholar, Honors, 7 Merit Scholarships 

MasterCard | Oracle | Microsoft

 Increase Sales. Be Remembered

Global Excellence Award Best Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions 2019

MAX Marketing Award for Innovation - 2019

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solutions Providers - 2018 

The Digital Transformation Challenge

 Transforming business performance, especially sales and marketing, is the most important goal for companies worldwide - Forbes.

All companies struggle to rise above the digital noise and connect and engage buyers better. Today it takes an average 14 touchpoints to close a sale.  

iFOLIO helps sales users to increase sales and be remembered with digital portfolios delivered right to mobile. 

The Stats

Email campaign open rates are down to 2%

Business cards are tossed & Powerpoints are not read

15% utilization of CRM is considered a success

iFOLIO Stats

iFOLIO Engagement

Mobile Open Rate

Increase in Sales

Solution: iFOLIO Digital Platform

 Connect, Engage & Convert with iFOLIO

 Email campaigns are so 2000 - open rates are down to 2%. 

Today buyers require dynamic, engaging content delivered right to their phone. 

iFOLIO provides private digital portfolios with integrated SMS campaigns that automate data into CRM.  iFOLIOs are personalized and delivered 1:1.

Transform sales and marketing with a modern platform for Marketing & Sales Enablement.

Use Cases




Managing Prospects

Managing Team

iFOLIO Examples

Atlanta Falcons

NFL Sales Team uses 3 iFOLIO's for license ticket sales. 

Choose ATL

Example Presentation to win the FIFA World Cup. 

Ascent Conference

Example for lead gen at conference. 

Patent-Pending Analytics

See what content is resonating with who, with iFOLIO's industry-leading, patent-pending analytics.

LinkedIn Reachouts

Make LinkedIn touchpoints feel sleeker & more personal by sending an iFOLIO link. Put your best foot forward with the latest & greatest content your company has in one link. 

Team Leaderboard

View analytics across your entire account and every iFOLIO that's been shared. Get a birds-eye view to gauge content and effectiveness across your entire team. 

What Makes Us Different

Private Digital Portfolios

Deliver cutting edge customer experiences

Mobile Share

Personalized shares with a visual message, link, and a contact card download shared 1-to-1 via SMS or email

Shared Stats Dashboard  | Heat Maps

Understand who, what, and where the focus is with analytics & ensure leads don't go cold

Analytics | Leader Board

Optimize team performance with share stats & leaderboards

Reverse CRM

Connect more, & automate outreach from SMS and email into CRM

Bridge Sales and Marketing 

Collaborate for content delivery

iFOLIO Offered As A SaaS Solution With 3 Verticals

Global Excellence Award & MAX Marketing Award

 We have big news!

iFOLIO was honored with a MAX Marketing Award 2019 by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and just received the Global Excellence Award - Best Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions 2019 from Global AI Media

We are excited that iFOLIO can help the best brands in the world connect & engage customers.

MAX Marketing Award

iFOLIO was honored with a MAX Award for introducing a new standard of digital engagement for enterprise professionals with a platform for private portfolio sites for customer introductions, presentations, and proposals.  

Best Personalized Digital Marketing Solution

iFOLIO awarded the global Excellence Award "Best in Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions - 2019" by AI Global Media for innovation, growth, and delivering results.

iFOLIO Team - Living our Core Values


 Last year iFOLIO grew 1100% and powers 3500 Customers in 58 countries and throughout the U.S.

We are most proud of our user's stories and results!


New Customers Won & Deals Negotiated with iFOLIOs   


Athletes drafted to the NFL


Students admitted to 'Top 100' ranked colleges & 6-figure scholarships won 

Team iFOLIO - An Atlanta Based Tech Firm

We believe Atlanta is the next technology epicenter and the perfect place to develop and grow our tech firm and world class platform.

Advisory Board - check out iFOLIO's Investor Advisory Board including CEOs, retired CTOs and COOs, and former professional athletes here!

We are passionate about helping businesses get the Digital Edge!  

Conferences - Let's Meet Up

We share insights and findings to Fuel Your Growth!

Ascent Sales & Marketing Conference

CMO Roundtable 

Brand Marketing Summit, NYC

Germania Sales Conference 

Innov8ors ATL & Innov8ors LA

Geek out on Marketing

Emerging Technology Executive Panel, Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech MBA Class Guest Lecturer  

Atlanta Is Home

 Atlanta is home to me and my husband Hap Richardson and our two dogs Burton and Jackson.

We were married on a service project in Swaziland, starting a tradition of service together (Kenya, Swaziland, Brazil). 

The Innovation Journey to iFOLIO

The innovation journey to iFOLIO started as a student applying to college and continued after Georgia Tech at Oracle, Microsoft and MasterCard.

  • Jean Marie developed a new mobile CRM product after shadowing 50 sales reps at Oracle Corporation. Jean Marie spearheaded an acquisition approved by Safra Catz to build the product. She delivered 180 converted clients and $6 Million in new sales.  
  • Jean Marie managed the product development and go to market launch of the new mobile CRM product with Citibank and Konica. The product was showcased on stage by Larry Ellison at Oracle Open World conference, for 26,000 attendees. 
  • At MasterCard, Jean Marie managed a B2B Commercial business program including Profit and Loss and grew it to $1.2 Billion GDV working with financial institutions and enterprises. 
  • Jean Marie Richardson worked on the iFOLIO concept for 5 years while working in the corporate world. When she came up with the name iFOLIO and it was available, she trademarked it, left her corporate job, and bootstrapped the company from her basement working with the best developers she knew to deliver the platform. 

Jean Marie incorporated iFOLIO in 2016, securing customers, business partners, capital, and intellectual property. 

Today iFOLIO is a B2B marketing platform serving over 3500 clients in 58 countries!  

Let iFOLIO Power Your Growth

Contact me today for more information!

Jean Marie Richardson 

President and CEO


3423 Piedmont Rd, Suite 505, Atlanta, GA 30305



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