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Kelly Carriere

Director of Customer Success

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Georgia Peach

Born and raised in Atlanta, I have embraced my Southern roots beginning with an education at the University of GA, becoming a wife and mother, growing a small business and building my own brand at iFolio.

Director of Customer Success, iFolio - In this position, I work closely with the sales team related to new  customers across all three verticals:  Educator, Enterprise and Sports Organizations.  In addition, I serve as a customer liaison with a goal to drive Customer Success Outcomes (usage, results, satisfaction) and as a single point of contact for customer questions regarding on-boarding and support. 

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Educator, Enterprise, Sports Organization Solutions

3 iFOLIO Software-as-a Service platform solutions for Organizations

iFOLIO Enterprise | iFOLIO Educator | iFOLIO Sports

Engage students with digital portfolio templates
Innovates ways to engage stakeholders with digital pages
Enhance player experience with self driven digital showcase

iFOLIO - Educator  

iFOLIO Educator provides digital portfolios for students to bring their talent and projects to life. The student template targets college admission criteria and is an enhancement to STEM, college prep or E-learning offerings.

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iFOLIO - Enterprise    

iFOLIO Enterprise innovates business cards, presentations, and proposals with customizable digital portfolios that bring value to life to engage customers. Reverse CRM integration and patent pending viewer analytics automate reporting and insights. The digital edge for sales and marketing in one! 

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iFOLIO - Sports    

iFOLIO Sports is a self-driven player digital showcase of the Total Athlete including athletic and academic talent, and an athlete management portal for the sports business.

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What do iFOLIO clients have to say? Katherine Kelbaugh, Principal The Museum School

What do iFOLIO clients have to say?    Will Bloor, freshman Virginia Tech


 It's not just what you've done, but also who you are ...

With the demands of raising a family, growing a business and beginning a new career, my interests tend to gravitate toward relaxation.  Exercise, reading, and lake living are at the top of the list.


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Kelly Carriere - Director of Customer Success


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