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Co-Founder & CMO


New York, NY

e: rebecca@thegameHERs.com


Where Women Gamers Connect

We honor all women, marginalized genders, and non-binary gamers.

We welcome all humans who support this.

About Us!

The Climate

 Gamers who identify as women represent almost half the gamers in the world.

Unfortunately, women gamers are rarely represented, heard, and recognized for our badassness. Through our ongoing work and conversations with so many of you, we know that safe spaces that honor women, femme-identifying gamers and non-binary gamers are necessary. Thus, the*gamerHERs was born.  

Our Mission

 The*gameHERS is a women-led community dedicated to amplifying and centering the voices of women, femme-identifying gamers and non-binary gamers. This is a sexist-free space for the casual players, the hardcore gamers, the techies, the streamers, the designers, the cosplayers, the developers, and programmers. Our mission is to advance the role, voice, image, and power of all the*gameHERs in the gaming world. We welcome all humans who value this mission. 

Stay in the Know

Who We Are

 We are four incredibly passionate, nerdy women dedicated to building authentically inclusive communities for women gamers by centering all of us. Our colorful background brings together various life experiences and skills, from toy inventing, e-sports, race relations, and social justice. Our passion for facilitating a space that all women can enjoy is matched by our dedication to bringing you the best that all gamerHERs have to offer. Together, we all help to make sure the*gameHERS is a space for women gamers like none other.

The only part missing is YOU

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Let's Play Podcast


In The Let’s Play Podcast, actress Kaili Vernoff (Red Dead Redemption II’s Susan Grimshaw and Grand Theft Auto V's Miranda Cowan) interviews some of the most interesting and informed people in the gaming industry today. 



(Or search for "the let's play podcast" on your favorite podcast app) 

Meet Us

PAX East 2020


GameHERs are talking...

 I noticed that there is gameHERs flying around Twitter; I'm assuming this is your project? I think it's so very fabulous and have signed up for it. 

 I'm super pumped for this welcoming and friendly gaming community! Thank you for creating a space like this. I'll be sure to spread the word! 

 Thank you to The*gameHERs team for identifying and actually implementing this futuristic haven for girls and women from all over the globe! Where do I sign in? 


A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to www.ithrivegames.org.

ithrivegames.org is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teen thriving. Games, teens, and social emotional learning inform iThrive’s approach. iThrive develops games and uses game design to equip teens with the social and emotional skills they need to be healthy and resilient, tools to support and protect their mental health and well-being, systems thinking they need to recognize inequity, and meaningful opportunities to imagine and design a better world. 


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Rebecca Dixon

Co-Founder & CMO

e: rebecca@thegameHERs.com


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