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Regional Program Manager, Southeast


Ekso Bionics

Tampa, Florida


M: 813-787-7151


Ekso Bionics - Robotic Exoskeleton

Ekso Drives Patient Outcomes 

  • Reduce LOS (2 Days w/Stroke & 5 Days w/SCI)
  • 43% Increase in FIM Score Improvement
  • 15% Increase in FIM Score at Discharge
  • Patients take 3X the Steps in Ekso
  • More Patients Discharged Home & Back to the Community

*Outcomes based on case studies available upon request.

Want to see how Ekso's solutions work firsthand?

 Ohio Health Case Study - Clinical & Financial Results


8% Increase in Patient Stroke Volume

Attracted Over 45 New Patients 

Over $900,000 in Additional Annual Revenue

Ekso vs. Conventional Therapy  

Conventional Therapy 

- Labor Intensive 

- 3 Therapists Needed 

- Low Quality Steps 

- Low Volume of Steps 

- Risk of Injury to Caregiver and Patient 


- Over 400 Steps Take in Single Session 

- Great Posture and Quality Steps 

- 2 Therapist Free to Cue and Monitor Patient    

Before & After Ekso (One Session)

105 Clinical Studies: Ongoing and Completed

Patient & Clinician Testimonials

Want to see how Ekso's solutions work firsthand?


SmartAssist Software: Customize motor support strength for various impairment levels, from full assistance to patient-initiated movement.

Pre-Ambulatory Tools: EksoNR includes a suite of programs to help patients balance, weight shift, and step in place before walking. 

Adaptive Gait Training: Sensors and software continuously monitor and regulate leg movement to minimize compensatory gait patterns.

Clinical Control: Set training targets and modify assistance levels in real time for each leg independently based on session feedback.

Data Capture: View session-specific walking time, distance, and speed, securely saved to the cloud for easier documentation. 

Posture Support: EksoNR helps patients bear only their own weight with proper postural alignment so you can maximize treatment time.

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 Ekso Story

Our Mission

Elevate the standard of care by enhancing strength, endurance and mobility with advanced robotics. 

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About Rino

Born and raised in Tampa, FL & lives there currently. 

Lives there with his lovely wife Devon, 3 yr old son Donovan, 4 month old daughter Sadie and black lab Luna. 

Played college and professional basketball, avid yogi, and enjoys skiing.  

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Rino Bevis

Regional Program Manager, Southeast

Ekso Bionics


M: 813-787-7151

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