Chris Adams

Lead Digital Creative


Atlanta, GA



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design

Auburn University

Certified UI Designer


Engage Better with iFOLIO

Tell your story in a digital world. 

Measure response instantly with patent pending viewer analytics. 

 Engage Customers first and automate reporting. 

Get the digital edge with iFOLIO!

Speed Sales Cycles

Automate Reporting in CRM

Bridge Sales & Marketing

 Patent-pending, powerful and controlled

Industry-leading Analytics

The average attention span is 7 seconds...  iFOLIOs average 240+ seconds viewing

  • Measure response instantly with iFOLIO Analytics for every iFOLIO link. 
  • Open rates average 50-75% with visual share. 
  •  Number of views, frame by frame content views, individual interests, even sales user metrics! 
  •  Analytics available instantly with patent pending platform.

Visual Share

Buyers have higher expectations today and 79% of Sales reps using digital/online platforms outsell their peers.

  • iFOLIO delivers personalized customer experiences through private digital portfolio sites that are easy to personalize, delivered by the sales leader, and compelling to view. 
  •  Help dealmakers and marketers win deals with iFOLIO® 

3 Software-as-Service Solutions for Organizations





Get the digital edge for introductions, presentations, proposals

  • Private portfolio links 
  • Patent pending Viewer Analytics 
  •  Reverse CRM integration 
  • Automated reporting

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Showcase the Total Athlete 

  • Athletics and Academics Viewer 
  • Analytics Dashboard 
  • Collaboration Features 
  • Athlete Management Portal

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Illustrate skills for future colleges and employers 

  • Digital Portfolio Templates 
  • Targets College Admission 
  • Criteria Viewer Analytics 
  • Dashboard Collaboration Features 

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What our customers say

iFOLIO helps users bring value to life and get insights to optimize next steps better than anything else. Hear how Equifax is using our platform to innovate customer introductions. 

iFOLIO Results

With customers in 58 countries and throughout the U.S. we are most proud of our user results!

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  • Enterprise - New Customers Won & Deals Negotiated with iFOLIOs 
  • Sports - Athletes drafted to the NFL 
  • Educator - Students admitted to 'Top 100' ranked colleges & 6-figure scholarships won


We believe Atlanta is the next technology epicenter and the perfect place to develop and grow our company. iFOLIO is a world class platform.   

  • Awarded "Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers - 2018" - by Education Tech Insights 
  •  We are proud of Team iFOLIO including talent from Microsoft, Oracle, MasterCard, Bridgewater Associates, Wisdom Tree, Stanford, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Georgia, Savannah College of Art and Design, and more. 
  •  Advisory Board - check out iFOLIO's Advisory Board including CEOs, former CTOs, former COOs, and former professional athletes here! 

 We are passionate about helping businesses get the Digital Edge!

About Me

I'm a  process-driven graphic/UI designer who solves complex problems with elegant solutions.

A graduate of Auburn University's Graphic Design program, I have experience as a graphic designer with clients from all over the world for a variety of design-related needs.  Over the past 4 years I've become a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, working in every medium and is currently enrolled in a UI design course to master the digital space. 

I live in Atlanta with my fiancé Ashley and our two year old Maltese, Louie.  Let's connect!


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