Ed Nava

Software Engineer


Atlanta, Georgia




Georgia Institute of Technology

Computer Science B.S. 

iFOLIO Digital Platform

Personalized, SMS, Reverse CRMâ„¢

A private portfolio platform to connect, engage and convert clients. 

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iFOLIO helps sales users and brands increase sales and be remembered with digital portfolios delivered right to mobile.

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My Role at iFOLIO

On a daily basis...

I explore product and process improvement that will help us meet our goals and achieve strong growth for our customers in 2020.

I have led and developed important features that drive product business value.


iFOLIO Batch Sharing Feature

AWS RDS CA Updates

The new deployment pipeline

Pride in What I Do

 Here at iFOLIO we take pride in our technical excellence and our product. When looking at the technical quality of software, you need to ask how are my customer's needs and wants being met?

That's why our technical process starts with the customer and ends with features that they love. 

Case Study

 With the new Batch Sharing Feature, we can share an iFOLIO with a list of over 800 clients, allowing us to manage our campaigns like never before. 


My Expertise

 As a software engineer, my bread and butter is my technical expertise. Having programmed and delivered projects and features in over ten programming languages, I easily stay up to date with the latest technology.

I have recently added Docker and AWS Elastic Container Service to my tool-belt, making me completely versed in the entire tech-stack from bare-metal to the dynamic content in the browser. 

AWS Intro

Great explanation about the platform powering our technology.

Why Docker?

Docker is lightweight allowing us to quickly develop and closely mimic the production environment.

Power of iFOLIO

 iFOLIO empowers you to connect, engage, and convert clients with custom digital portfolios delivered right to mobile. 

About Me

I am a 4th year computer science undergrad at Georgia Tech. I have called Atlanta home since moving there from Maryland for college. For fun I like playing intramural and pick-up sports, mostly soccer and basketball.



Technical Development


Technical Ability


My strong technical skills ranging from programming languages and system design to cloud administration let me drive technical innovation here at iFOLIO. 

More About Me


 Since starting computer science undergrad at Georgia Tech, I have gained the experience and knowledge necessary to lead an exciting career in technology. A lot of my classes have been in computer systems and networks, allowing me to explore the design and write a case study of an open source web server like nginx. Recently, I have been learning Kotlin which integrates with the JVM and has lots of features that Java will be releasing between now and 2023.  

Background & Service

  As a member of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, I helped organize and run our philanthropy event which ended up raising over $1500 for CURE childhood cancer. Who knew a mini golf tournament would be so successful? I also like to give back by volunteering for Trees Atlanta which makes the Atlanta community greener by planting trees where they are most needed.  

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Ed Nava

Software Engineer




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