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Atlanta, Georgia

Digital Portfolio Platform

iFOLIO platform is the digital edge for Client Introductions and Marketing. 

iFOLIO websites default to private and are fully customizable with 150+ multimedia and display options

The platform is flexible and introduces a modern experience, expanding the current offering and catering to field employees in specialized areas. 

Differentiate and Engage Customers in a digital world. 

Best in Class Modern Technology

  • Private digital portfolios 
  • Multimedia, animated charts, and 150+ different display options 
  • Visual Share from mobile devices 
  • Patent pending analytics  
  • Organization and Personal Media Library 
  • Contact card download
  • AI technology enables seamless on boarding across users, groups and locations 
150+ different multimedia and display options

Open Rates

Email campaigns in average open rates of as little as 1%, whereas iFOLIO has an open rate of 50% to 75%

That's almost 50 times greater than some email campaigns!

Attention Span

A Microsoft study shows that Word documents only keep interest for 15 seconds, whereas an iFOLIO receives more than 240+ seconds average viewing time.

Inbound Links

Posts with videos attract 3 times more inbound links than plain text posts

Optimized for any device

Any user can login on their mobile device and personalize their iFOLIO on the fly, load images, change text, and check analytics.

  • Editor is point and click and drag and drop for customization 
  • Custom animated charts and effects make iFOLIOs interactive 
  • Display optimizes for desktop, ipad and mobile






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