Your Company Benefits

Atlanta, Georgia

Differentiate and Engage

Flexible Digital Content

Portfolios default to private and are customizable with 150+ multimedia and display options. 

Pre-Built Custom Master Template

iFOLIO Design Team customizes an iFOLIO Master for your team's use based on your company style, brand guidelines, and use cases

Collaborative Platform | Account Library

Bridge sales and marketing and expand offerings with modern experience, collaborative access, and role-based permissions. 

Best in Class Modern Technology

Private Digital Portfolios

iFOLIO delivers cutting edge customer experiences through private digital portfolios 

Bridge Sales and Marketing 

Our platform enables collaboration for content development and delivery to best engage stakeholders 

Mobile Share | Contact Card Download 

Replace a business card with a personalized visual message, a link, and a contact card download shared mobile-to-mobile 

Shared Stats Dashboard 

Optimize followups with aggregate and individual heats maps of viewer focus 

Enterprise Manager Analytics | Leader Board 

Our manager dashboards enable data-driven user management and content optimization across a team 

iFOLIO Differentiators

Patent Pending Analytics

Who, what, where the focus is

iFOLIO Engagement

average 240+ seconds 


Mobile Share

up to 75% open 

with Mobile Share





Social Networks

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