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Atlanta, Georgia

Differentiate & Engage

Flexible Digital Content

Portfolios default to private & are customizable with 150+ multimedia & display options.

Pre-Built Custom Master Template

iFOLIO Design Team customizes an iFOLIO Master for your team's use based on your company style, brand guidelines, and use cases

Collaborative Platform | Account Library

Bridge sales & marketing & expand offerings with modern experience, collaborative access, & role-based permissions.  

Best in Class Modern Technology 

Private Digital Portfolios

iFOLIO delivers cutting edge customer experiences through private digital portfolios

Bridge Sales & Marketing

Our platform enables collaboration for content development and delivery to best engage stakeholders

Mobile Share | Contact Card Download

Replace a business card with a personalized visual message, a link, and a contact card download shared mobile-to-mobile

Shared Stats Dashboard

Optimize followups with aggregate and individual heats maps of viewer focus

Enterprise Manager Analytics | Leader Board

Our manager dashboards enable data-driven user management and content optimization across a team     

iFOLIO Differentiators

Patent Pending Analytics

Who, what, where the focus is 

iFOLIO Engagement

average 4:24+ engagement

Mobile Share

up to 75% open  with Mobile Share 





Social Networks

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