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iFOLIO for Sales Enablement

Digital Marketing on Steroids

Email campaigns are so 2000 - open rates are down to 2%

Today buyers require dynamic, engaging content delivered right to their phone.

iFOLIO provides private portfolios with integrated SMS campaigns that automate data into CRM.

Market Statistics

Sales Content/Agency Offerings

 Most sales content offerings include branded written content, advertisements, webinars, branded videos, events, & white papers.

The challenge is to drive more contracts by getting amazing content right in the hands of sales users.

Content Marketing

B2B marketers prioritizing visual assets as part of their content marketing strategy

— Hub Spot

Increased Engagement

Content marketing gets more leads than paid search advertising.

— Content Marketing Institute

Lead Generation

Content marketers using interactive content in lead generation efforts.

— Content Marketing Institute

iFOLIO Sales Enablement

iFOLIO revolutionizes the customer experience with a private portfolio platform for sales & marketing users.

To deliver dynamic business presentations, lead gen and management at events, & virtual business cards.

Videos, animated Charts, 150 Multimedia Display Options delivered right to viewers on their phone. 

Business Presentations
Lead gen & management at events
Virtual Business Cards

iFOLIO Metrics - Digital Marketing on Steroids

Mobile Open Rate

Average Viewing Time

Increased Sales

Simultaneous SMS/Email Campaign

Engage prospects with personalized text & email campaigns that deliver with a branded image.

Patent-Pending Analytics

See what content is resonating with who with iFOLIO's industry-leading, patent-pending analytics.

Lead Management

Never lose touch with a prospect through iFOLIO's shared stats, where you can gauge a prospect's interest, see your past touchpoints, and follow-up again all in one place.

Team Leaderboard

Track your team's progress and see who is getting the most traction, along with what content is getting the most engagement, in the iFOLIO leaderboard.

LinkedIn Reachouts

Make LinkedIn touchpoints feel sleeker & more personal by sending an iFOLIO link. Put your best foot forward with the latest & greatest content your company has in one link.

 iFOLIO Examples
iFOLIO clients have increased sales 10% - 100% 

Atlanta Falcons

 NFL Sales Team uses 3 iFOLIO's for license ticket sales. 

Choose ATL
 Example presentation to win the FIFA World Cup. 
Ascent Conference
 Example for lead gen at conference. 

Maximize Engagement with iFOLIO

Built For Content

iFOLIO brings stories to life with videos, animated charts, & multimedia.

Reverse CRM®

Automate Outreach Reporting

Easily record a prospect's contact information & automate that into CRM for easy access.

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