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Jordon Rosier

Digital Creative

Georgia Southern University Graduate

Atlanta, Georgia


iFOLIO Digital Platform  

Enterprise Digital Portfolio Platform

Personalized | Private | Mobile Share | Analytics

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What Makes Us Different

  • Private Digital Portfolios 
  • Bridge Sales and Marketing
  • Mobile Share
  • Shared Stats 
  • Enterprise Manager Analytics | Leader Board

iFOLIO Use Cases

1. Introductions

Replace a business card with a personalized digital portfolio for your company, shared from mobile

2. Follow ups

3. Proposals | RFP

Deliver a Dynamic Viewer Experience with Videos, Animated Charts, Embedded Maps, and Links  

4. College Apps and Interviews

21 Million Students Apply to U.S. Colleges Each Year. 

There are 4 spots to add your digital portfolio link in the Common App. 

Showcase skills that matter for college and career with iFOLIO Educator. 

Want A Future In Innovation? You Need The Skills, And The Tools, To Sell Yourself

Measure Response Instantly

Shared Stats Dashboard | Heat Mapping | Manager Analytics

Who, What, and Where the focus is Engagement time 

 Heat Maps of Individual Viewer Analytics 

Leader Board - portfolio engagement, number of shares, average time, link performance across a team

iFOLIO's Differentiators

Patent Pending Analytics 

Who, what, where the focus is

iFOLIO Engagement

Average 240+ seconds engagement

Mobile Share

iFOLIO's average up to 75% open rate with mobile share


With Customers in 58 countries and throughout the U.S. we are most proud of our user's stories and results!

  • Enterprise - New Customers Won & Deals Negotiated with iFOLIOs 
  • Sports - Athletes drafted to the NFL 
  • Educator - Students admitted to 'Top 100' ranked colleges & 6-figure scholarships won

Team iFOLIO - an Atlanta Based Tech Firm

We believe Atlanta is the next technology epicenter and the perfect place to develop and grow our tech firm.

iFOLIO is a world-class platform.

  • Awarded MAX Innovation Award Finalist 2019 by Atlanta Business Chronicle
  • We are proud of Team iFOLIO
  • Advisory Board - check out iFOLIO's Advisory Board including CEOs, retired CTOs and COOs, and former professional athletes here!

We are passionate about helping businesses get the Digital Edge!

About Me

I am a graphic artist and designer based in Atlanta, GA. I am a graduate from Georgia Southern University, where I received my BFA in graphic design, and a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  

Most of my work has involved communications and branding  for both corporate, start-up, and non-profit businesses from various industries. I think design is everywhere we look, and my passion is fusing art and design to not only engage clients and customers, but to make things fun. 

When I'm not at my desk working, I'm brainstorming ways we can make the world a better place, eating or binge watching Netflix originals.


Volunteering at the Goodie Hackathon with non-profit social media campaigns to create branding efforts and collaterals aimed at dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline.


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3423 Piedmont Rd, Suite 505, Atlanta, GA 30305 

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